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The Tri-State Monument - Port Jervis, NY

Yes, you can be in 3 places at one time!

Guests staying at River Rail Cottage make it a point to visit the Tri-States Monument (aka Tristate Rock). This large piece of granite marks the tripoint of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Its home along the majestic Delaware River makes it the perfect place for a photo op and to take in the breathtaking water and mountain views.

There are two ways to access this piece of history. By land, you will have to take the road through Laurel Grove Cemetary in Port Jervis, NY. Even the cemetary has gained popularity since scenes from the 1995 movie Heavy were filmed there. For those enjoying a day on the river canoeing, rafting, kayaking or tubing, you can come in right from the river. Either way, it's a fun free place to visit!


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